About Prudence Junior Janakpuri

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A preschool is an educational program designed for young children to adapt and prepare for school. This phase of early education for children acts as a transition from home to the school environment.

All children are remarkable learners and have individual energies. At Prudence, we follow a holistic approach and believe in building a strong foundation of learning in each student. Prudence caters to the diverse needs of the students and keeps the teaching as contemporary as possible. The facilitators use various strategies during the teaching-learning process to make it interesting, meaningful and effective. There is a huge repertoire of Scholastic and Co-Scholastic teaching methods and strategies that are child-centric for their engagement and deep learning. Our co-curricular activities are designed and balanced with the academic curriculum so that every student gets to learn beyond subjects. When blended they enhance and bring out in students’ social skills, intellectual skills, moral values, personality and self-confidence, expression skills etc. It includes sports, cultural events and activities, computer lab activities, creative expressions etc.

The Prudence team works tirelessly to give roots and wings to every student which helps them to reach milestones and achieve success. We channel their energies in the right direction and enrich their entire being with strong confidence, zeal and enthusiasm.


Our school's philosophy is centred around the tenets of Educate, Innovate, and Create. We, at Prudence believe that education is a transformative process that empowers individuals to realise their greatest potential so as to enable them to make positive contributions to the society. By fostering an environment that encourages innovation and creativity, we aim to equip our students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset to thrive in a rapidly changing world.


At Prudence, we believe in holistic education, nurturing intellectual, emotional, physical, and social development. Our educators inspire curiosity and critical thinking, fostering a growth mind-set. With personalized instruction and a diverse curriculum, we empower students with knowledge and real-world application skills.


Innovation is at the heart of our educational philosophy. We inspire creative thinking, challenge norms, and promote problem-solving. Our curriculum integrates technology and interdisciplinary learning, nurturing inventive minds ready to tackle 21st-century challenges.


We strongly believe that creativity is the most paramount of the 21st century skills. We foster diverse creative expressions in art, music, drama, and writing, promoting self-expression and imagination. Our inclusive environment values unique talents and perspectives, building confidence and effective communication. We instill lifelong learning, innovation, and creativity, preparing students for a changing world and empathetic contributions to society.